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At Kakao.GG, we are committed to using web development technologies to provide users with valuable game-related information. We leverage various algorithm problem-solving techniques and the latest web technologies to help users enjoy their gaming experience more effectively.


Explore Korea


At Kakao.GG, we are dedicated to providing detailed and engaging information about traveling in Korea. We aim to help travelers explore the rich cultural heritage, vibrant cities, and scenic landscapes of Korea. Currently, all the content is available exclusively in Japanese, catering specifically to Japanese speakers looking to travel to Korea. We are focused on delivering quality insights and practical travel tips to enhance the travel experience for our users.


Community among Game players


Discord channel operated by Kakao.GG for sharing information about games such as Lost Ark, League of Legends, and MapleStory. It provides features like the Lost Ark wandering merchant alert, and we are developing additional functionalities to enhance the service.

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